A world-class Prosthetic Department is a phone call away! Nash Dental Lab is full service which includes all implant and attachment services as well as other removable prosthetics. For example, we fabricate hybrid bar overdentures every week here. Implants and removable prosthetics are some of the fastest growing areas in dentistry today. We have the technical expertise to compliment and support your lab at the highest level.  Let Nash Milling Center help you take full advantage of these opportunities!

IvoBase…A better way to process dentures.

Our new IvoBase system compensates for the shrinkage that is inherent with Poly Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic denture bases. The PMMA material shrinks between 6-7% during processing which causes distortion in the fit of the denture. This distortion is a significant contributor to patient sore spots which mean post-op appointments for your dentist/clients.

Overdenture Implant

Our IvoBase system injects additional acrylic into the sealed flask reducing the distortion of material shrinkage to about one quarter of 1%. What does this mean for your clients’ practices?

  • Less denture post op appointments (reduced by half in most cases!).
    • Less patient sore spots
    • Less occlusal adjustment
  • More stain and odor resistant denture (less porosity)
  • Twice the flexural strength of traditional (pack) denture bases
  • Less residual monomer after processing
  • Improved esthetic due to less occlusal adjustment

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Overdenture Dental Implant