Today's laboratory workflow has changed dramatically since we were waxing crowns and packing denture cases a decade ago. CAD/CAM technology has opened up a whole new palate of improved materials such as Zirconia and Titanium to utilize for dental restorations. Greg and Dianne Nash never skimp on technology, employee training or the materials that we utilize. Greg Nash is known to be an industry leader in all aspects of dental CAD/CAM processes. If you are a discerning, quality oriented lab owner that would prefer not to invest tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and training send us these cases to fabricate for you. You can depend on Nash Milling Center to provide you with the best and latest CAD/CAM produced lab products. All ceramic and implant restorations are now the standard of care within our industry. Utilize Nash Milling Center for all of your outsourcing needs and experience our 5-star services and technical support. Below are a few of the workhorse tools that we use every day.

3Shape Scanning

The lion's share of our CAD (Computer Aided Design) is done with the industry leading 3Shape scanner. We design all of our copings, bridge frameworks, full-contour (IPS e.max, Zirconia and gold) restorations digitally. The 3Shape system is extremely precise and consistent. This CAD/CAM workflow allows your experienced technical team be even more efficient and effective.

Dental Lab Technology
3M Lava milling machine

This is the machine that made 3M's Lava synonymous with layered Zirconia restorations and was Nash Dental Lab's first major investment in CAD/CAM. That was about 15 years ago, but there is still a significant demand for "Lava" Zirconia restorations from dentists. You'll be excited to promote Lava restorations to your clients when you see the fit and esthetic options that we will provide!

CORiTEC 450i mill

We now routinely do both wet (Titanium) and dry (Zirconia and wax restorations) milling at Nash Milling Center. The CORiTEC mill produces these restorations to perfection. It is state-of-the-art and industrial quality.

Stratasys Eden 260V 3D printer

Intraoral scanning is on the rise and will become the industry standard. Our Stratasys converts the STL files that you upload to us directly into ultra-precise working models. In fact this machine can easily print intricate gear systems and other integrated designs that would blow your mind! With our 3D printer, we can provide you with the precision and efficiency that will allow you to routinely accept intraoral scans at your dental lab.

3Shape D700 Scanner
IvoBase System

A hands-down better way to process dentures! Our new IvoBase system compensates for the shrinkage that is inherent with Poly Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic denture bases. The PMMA material shrinks between 6-7% during processing which causes distortion in the fit of the denture. This distortion is a significant contributor to patient sore spots which mean post op appointments for your dentist/clients.

Our IvoBase system injects additional acrylic into the sealed flask reducing the distortion from material shrinkage to about one quarter of 1%. What does this mean for your dentist/clients?

  • Less denture post op appointments (most see them reduced by half!).
    • Less patient sore spots
    • Less occlusal adjustment
    • Improved esthetics due to less occlusal adjustment
  • More stain and odor resistant denture (less porosity)
  • Twice the flexural strength of traditional (pack) denture bases
  • Less residual monomer after processing

Is IvoBase better? Way better!!

See for yourself!

We'd love to show you our lab and how we fabricate the cases you send. Give us a call to schedule some time to take a walk-around tour with us. This will be a great way to get started and will let us share our passion for dental technology with you!

3m Lava Milling Machine